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Megadrive Illuminati has a user validation system in place. Once registered you will be placed in the pending trial group, where you must make a post in The Wall™ describing what you plan on doing here. Once validated you will be granted 10 trial posts. Once those have been used up you will be placed in a special group marked pending approval, where the staff will take a look at your posts and make a decision on whether or not you fit the bill of being a member here. If the staff give the OK on your posts then you will be made a member. If you find yourself in pending approval for more than 2 WEEKS, you may kindly ask a staff member to review your posts once again. If the staff reason that you can be re-trialed, you will be placed back in the Trial Member group with another 10 posts. Users denied a retrial will be placed in the Kuiper group, where you will have to wait 3 months before being allowed to ask for a retrial. Asking beforehand will only place you further behind in the staff's considerations.


Administrators: In charge of running the site.
Staff: Moderators of the forum.
Pending Trial: Users waiting to be validated by staff to become trial members.
Trial member: New members that have 10 posts to try out the waters.
Pending Approval: Users that have used up all of their trial post and are awaiting staff approval to being made a Member.
Member: Full fledged forum member.
Kuiper: Essentially a limbo group. These users did not get staff approval and must wait 3 months before being given consideration for a retrial.
Oort: Banned members.

No crazy usernames. Usernames can have a maximum of 2 NUMBERS. No fan character-esque or fanfic related (ex SuperSonicShadow233123, SonAmy123 or <name> the <some random animal or whatever>. None of that shit). No usernames that are NSFW. Users violating this rule will be asked to provide administration with a new username and we will change it for you. If you do not take action after being warned by staff your account shall be deleted.

No fan characters. Nothing NSFW. No avatars that have rapidly flashing colors. The same rules apply for signatures as well. The maximum amount of pictures allowed in a signature is 2, and the maximum lines of text allowed is 10.

THIS IS AN ENGLISH SPEAKING FORUM ONLY. What that means is if you expect to have a grand time here, kindly use proper English grammar. If English is not your first language please let us know. This does not mean however that you can just use Google Translate for everything. Users violating this rule on multiple occasions will receive a 7 day suspension and a ban then next time.
This forum is not your place to shit post. Do not post spam. Do not make posts that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. You can have fun but that does not make this place your playground. Find somewhere else to be if you can't abide by this.
Swearing is perfectly acceptable. Do not needlessly censor yourself or use childish alternatives.
Do not post anything NSFW.
NO LIST TOPICS. These types of topics do not contribute to any sort of discussion.
Do not bump threads that are several months/years old unless you have something worthy to discuss about the topic. Doing so continuously will result in a 7 day suspension and then a ban.
Do not double, triple or quadruple (etc) post. Unless you have made a topic that needs to be updated and said updates are actually NOTEWORTHY (for example don't just make another post to show that you've changed one tiny aspect of a level), do not keep posting after yourself.
NO "IDEAS" THREADS. This isn't a place for you to pitch concepts and then hope people will come scrambling on to your project. Any thread like this will be locked and trashed.

Don't ask questions that can easily be answered via the search bar or Google.

Administrators and Staff maintain the handling of the site. When a staff member tells you to do something, please do it. Don't make your time here harder than it needs to be. Back seat modding is not tolerated. We are the staff. You aren't.

Post reports will be reviewed by staff. If there is an issue each member will be dealt with as need be. If you are warned multiple times you will receive a 7 day suspension, and a ban if the behavior continues.

When you're banned, you're banned. People who have been banned do have a chance to plead their case after 6 months, and if the Staff find it fitting you will be re-trialed and go through the process all over again. Bans are based on IP. Anyone attempting to ban dodge will be banned on site.
REMEMBER: BEING HERE IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. We have the right to revoke your privileges to this site if need be.

Hope you have fun and enjoy your time here!
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